The urgency of spreading the importance of environmental awareness is increasing a lot because it has become a major issue to protect our nature. It is really significant that people are educated about the harm we are causing to the nature by the simplest of things like using of plastic bags. Though government and a lot of environmentalist has taken huge steps in decreasing the use of plastic bags by people by imposing taxes but yet the changes cannot be seen in proper proportion. Though the usage rates have declined with time but this unpleasant habit still prevails among us.


Going through the above mentioned facts shows how educating people about the natural hazards have helped save the earth. The government and the welfare groups has been toiling hard to make the masses aware of the harm we are causing to the nature by use of chemicals and this great attempt has made a great impact in decreasing the uses of plastic bags. This blog post is supremely to focus on the importance of environmental awareness and how learning from others and educating others has reduced the usage of plastic bags in world.

Let’s take an example of California. California is one of the most populous states of the United States and this Golden State has been the pioneer in fighting against the usage of plastic bags by the general crowd. Large welfare groups and the Government have taken a significant step in conserving the marine eco-system as well as the wildlife of the area and have voted for the ban of plastic usage. Thus huge response of the public to vote in favor of plastic ban shows how simple things like educating the public could bring in such huge amount of awareness and could transform such a large crowd into leaving such a long grown habit. It is great to see and know that people understand how the production and distribution of plastic could be such a big danger for them and how leaving such a small habit could save them and their future generation.


This efficient step by California people is appreciated by everyone around the world and every individual are being inspired by their work. The considerable decision of the public to support Proposition 67 has obliged people to consider California a remarkable initiator in environmental protection. This state of US has set up a fine example of unity and how everyone should move ahead with time yet be conscious about the surrounding they live. California government proudly beams with joy to announce that 2017 is going to be a healthy start for the state.


Use of plastic bags has increased a lot all over the world, and in California itself the total use of plastic bags for 2016 alone has been more than 19 billion marks. Retailers around the world distribute large quantity of plastic bags and California retailers have been no different till last year. Yet, now the state secretary could happily announce that the same retailers would be using none and by the end of this year the amount would be next to zero.


Though the manufacturers of the plastic bag were quite unhappy since their business would go out of work but this refined step taken by the voters would only change the scenario of the state into a better direction. The ban of plastic bags by voters would totally eliminate 25 million plastic bags which is a huge number and the change it would bring can be totally imagined. This undaunted step by the Government with support of the general public is a remarkable win for all the welfare groups of the world and the marine eco-system, who has been fighting for environmental protection and tackling the issues of plastic pollutions since ages.


This significant step by the people and government is not just an environmental benefit but post judgement even the aggregate expense of the state would be reduced by $428 as anticipated by the finance department. Earlier Government was using this amount was spending solely for the purpose of plastic pollution control and cleanup cost, which would be reduced extravagantly with the ban of the product itself. Though this exceptional verdict was taken into action just 2 weeks ago but the changes that one can see within this short period of time is really appreciable. Within 2 weeks California has observed the elimination of 250 million uses of plastic bags which is a really huge change.

We can proudly say that it is an enormous incident which marks the start of a new and refreshed era for California and countries all over the world should look up to them and start following them. Environment includes both living and non-living things and it is our duty as humans to keep our surrounding free from pollution and make the world a better place to live in. Though this step by the California people is a small event but this in particular is a great example to know that environmental awareness is so important. People can’t make huge changes to their surrounding all of a sudden and government alone cannot bring the change without the support of the people. This incident is an education for the people of the world to understand how minute changes could help the nature tremendously when propagated by a large number of people.

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