We all have to agree that by now there is enough proof that our earth is in grave danger. All this years we have been spending life unconcerned and in the meantime our carefree habits have been affecting the earth. Fortunately a green movement for the protection of nature and our future has hit the mainstream and people everywhere are becoming aware of the environmental protection. The trend of reuse and recycle is evolving day by day and Cotton Bag co. has come up with this exciting alternative uses of fabric bags that you would love to explore. These refreshing new ideas would not just let you take a step towards the betterment of the environment by also an education to the masses.

Recycled bags- Recycled bags are much in use nowadays and if you are planning to use one then go for cotton and canvas bags as they are stronger than the other bags, even better than plastic. You can designate different types of bags for each recyclables so that the process of recycling gets easier. In this way it is far better to take them to the recycling center and even take it out of the garbage bins. These bags can be washed and reused as well, so each time you use them just pop them up and clean to avoid any kind of bacteria.

DIY work- Create cute colourful bags by colouring the cotton or canvas bags and store your art and craft accessories like paints and brush in these spare bags. This way it becomes easier for you to keep everything in place and becomes decorative as well. The mess generally created by the paints, fabrics, glue, brush etc. lying hither and thither in your room would be totally eliminated with the use of reusable bags. Just keep the bag out of the way when you are not being creative.

Vegetation purpose- Cotton and Canvas bags could be used for vegetation purpose in your garden as well. They are strong and can easily replace the plastic bags. Just fill them with soil and it is ready. Plant various kinds of seeds in them and just make sure that they are regularly watered. Potted plants usually dry out very quickly so check them regularly.

Have a fun day with kids- Let your kids paint your fabric bags with colourful fabrics and decorate them with fabrics, ribbons and felt flowers. It would be a refreshing time spent with your kids and the bags would be a fine collection of storage for your accessories and office supplies like pen, pencil, staples etc.

Solution to eliminate messy bedrooms- Bedrooms often tends to get messy very soon, especially if you have kids around. Now clear up this mess easily by making different bags to keep your things organized. Bring in cartons from a nearby retail store and cover it with cotton fabric. Store playroom items separately and keep them under your bed. You could also bring fabric bags and hang them in your bedroom walls.

Picnic box- Canvas bags are great to be used during your picnic trips as they are strong and can hold your lunch boxes intact. It is quite easy to put in anything you may need during the trip and they are sturdy enough to carry your drinks, snacks, plates, bowls etc. Also once your picnic is over, you can easily fold the bag and bring in back unlike plastic bags which cannot be reused and are difficult to dispose of as well. Keep few cotton or canvas bags on your car so you can grab them and go for shopping instantly.

Laundry bags- Fabric bags work great at laundry bags and you can tuck in lots of clothes at the same time. Unlike the laundry baskets, you don’t have problem to carry them to the laundry room. Also with fabric bags you can easily separate whites from colours and don’t have to worry to mix them up. They easily save floor space and are far lighter than your plastic baskets. You can just hang them on your bedroom doors and put your clothes in them and once full can easily carry them to your machine room.

Easy to tidy up- With this low cost fabric bags it is way easier to keep your home tidy and organized. All you need to do is bring in lots of bags and label them accordingly and put the designated items in the bag for a clutter free room. Labeling also helps you to find the items easily and next time when you require something you don’t have to search the whole house for it.

Knowing different alternative uses of fabric bags is not just good for us as regards to keeping the home tidy but it also a step to approving environment protection.

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