We human beings love free stuff and when we get even minute things as free our faces beams with happiness. A cotton bag is a kind of free stuff that though very cheap in cost but always has a lasting effect to the customers. Cotton bags are cool addition to the new Eco-friendly trend people are following and they are also perfect packaging tool. You will find millions of uses of cotton bags, starting with dust bag, jewellery pouches, bin bags, vegetation bags, product containers etc. If you are a small retail store you can also try to customise your cotton bags with you’re the name of the store and start small range marketing. Use of these cotton bags could make your customers feel special and even draw them to your store frequently. The soft touch of these special bags let your customer hold on to them and reuse them for later uses. People use them for lots of different things and a store can market their products to a different level with this drawstring pouches.

Here let’s tell you few great uses of cotton bags that you never knew existed.

  1. Using a cotton bag for packaging keeps your products intact all through the transit. They are super functional and no matter what product you sent for transit, its pieces would always stay together. Cotton bags manufactured by Maker Monthly and Areaware are the best branded bags and acts up both as a brand presence and storage for the customers after unboxing.


Image source :Maker Monthly 

  1. When you go to a store to purchase paper products like books, journals or magazines, carrying them home packed in a cotton bag gives you a personal feeling. Also it acts as a good liner inside the mailer or the box which is carrying your stuff. Cotton bags are actually great admiration for the paper textures.


Image source :Troop Outdoor supply Company 

  1. Have you noticed what photographer Lauren Scott did with the cotton bags? This is a very innovative way to consider your cotton bags as valuable items of goodwill that enhances your brand. She sends her clients photographs in a USB drive which is put inside her cotton branded bags. This mini pouches though are very small step to marketing but makes a great difference for the customers.


Image source :Lauren Scotti

  1. Jewelry items should always be kept covered and protected which is why cotton pouches are great traveling companions for jewelries. Once you send your customers this cotton pouches along with their jewelry, it is not going to leave the jewelry box and will travel along with them. Thus with their jewelry you are creating a brand presence at the least cost.


Image source :Native Collective 

  1. Usually the bag sizes of any store come up to 12” to 16” so when a customer purchases small size products like soaks, it gets really difficult to pack it in the big bags. Making small customized pouches for small products is a good choice of branding and linking with the customers personally. Also while you are shipping your products in signature packaging, it keeps the product intact and compliments the customer at the same time.


Image source :Native Wilds

  1. When you are purchasing small stationery items or mini makeup accessories like clips, pins, key chains etc. they tend to get lost with the other stuff. Putting them in small drawstring bags would keep all the small pieces together. These personalized bags would keep the customer happy and it would be a fine addition to their makeup bag as well because they are not going to let them go easily.


Image source :Anthropologie

  1. If you are a dealer of glass items and you are shipping your products, packing them with cotton bags won’t stop them from breaking in transit but they will surely keep the products being scuffed from fillers or cardboards. When you wrapping them for shipping, put them in cotton bags first and then wrap them with bubble wrapper or crinkle paper.


Image source :Rewined 

  1. Beauty soaps and bath accessories are nowadays mostly handmade and to keep them soft and far from damage. The sustainability factor of the bag is a plus point for such luxurious products.


Image source :Boyd’s Farm

  1. If you are shipping small accessories like wallets, scarves, ties, cuffing etc. packing them in a lox or mailer seems a little mundane. If you pack them up in a cotton bag then you not just add a little charm along with it but also give a brand character to the stuff.


Image source :Ada Blackjack Goods

  1. Small kits and game sets like your PS or your DIY craft items need to be kept together and packing them in soft cotton bags is like a gift they give to themselves.


Image source :This is Ground

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